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                [上海]Discover Shanghai

                1. 發布時間:2020-09-16
                2. 工作地點:上海
                3. 職位類型:全職
                4. 來源:Discover Shanghai
                5. 職位:2021校園招聘
                來自Discover Shanghai的消息:




                Discover® is a great place to work and our employees are why. You’ll find yourself collaborating with some of the industry’s smartest and most reliable professionals; who reward dedication, value innovation and support growth. At Discover, you can be a reason millions of consumers spend smarter and manage debt better. We are all about people and whatever your background, experience, or goals, you'll find something different here!


                Discover Shanghai 2021 Campus Recruitment position

                Data Analyst

                Shanghai, China

                At Discover, you will never stop learning. We are looking for people driven by purpose, who want to help us change the game in financial services. We were founded in 1986, and now have over 16,000 employees. Together we are dedicated to helping people spend smarter, manage debt better and save more for a brighter financial future. 


                By joining us, you will be part of a culture where diversity, teamwork and collaboration reign. We are as focused on our employees as we are on our customers – and we have been consistently awarded for both. Be the reason we help millions of people build a brighter financial future, and achieve yours along the way.


                Job Description

                Job Title: Data Analyst


                Job Location: Shanghai, China


                JOB DESCRIPTION


                Work independently, or as an integral part of a project team, to develop predictive models, conduct simulations, perform ad-hoc analyses, design and produce analytic reports to solve business problems. Participate in center-wide efforts to build analytical capability. The analyst may support one of the specific business areas, including marketing, risk management, customer services, and banking, etc.




                Be responsible for data preparation, including sampling, data pulling, aggregation, and other data preparation treatments.


                Develop types of models/prepare analytic reports which meet business objectives, requirements, and timelines.


                Perform simulations and general ad-hoc analyses to provide insights for strategy design, evaluation and testing.


                Communicate project results to US business partners and management in a clear and effective manner.


                Work closely with business partners to implement models and decision strategies.


                Document project results, address project issues and answer questions from business partners.


                Provide input and consultation to business partners on various statistical, technical, data or business issues.


                Identify and share programming knowledge and organizational expertise for efficient and effective execution of project tasks.


                Engage in continuous learning to maintain a high level of competency in statistical and analytical principles, tools, and techniques.




                Bachelor and above degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Communication, Statistics, Mathematics, Management Science, Economics, Econometrics, Operational Research, etc.


                Good command of English communication (both oral and written).


                Ability in learning and improving programming skills for business analysis, strong programming skills is a plus.


                Demonstrated project management skills, including ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and follow through on completion of high-profile projects.


                Strong interest in using data for business insight, experience in modeling is a plus.


                Strong desire of learning and willingness to acquire needed knowledge and skills.


                Positive work attitude and team spirit.


                What are you waiting for? Apply today!


                The same way we treat our employees is how we treat all applicants – with respect. Discover Financial Services is an equal opportunity employer (EEO is the law). We thrive on diversity & inclusion. You will be treated fairly throughout our recruiting process and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status in consideration for a career at Discover.


                Discover Shanghai 2021 Campus Recruitment process

                Online Application: 10 Aug-10 Oct

                Phone Interview: 15 Aug-20 Oct

                Onsite Interview: 10 Sep-30 Oct


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